The Social Media Black Hole That is THE FACEBOOK


Growing up, I did have the internet. But, it was just a slow box that you had to put a disc into for internet time. No homework was required to be done on one until I was well into junior high. And when High School started, so did THE FACEBOOK. Oh yeah, I called it THE facebook. I am embracing my age, and unashamed. It feels like I am on the verge of being sucked in when I’m on there, just circling around being torn apart atom by atom or spaghettified as Neil Degrasse Tyson would say.

I hate facebook, which is why you won’t find a link to one on my social media whoring out tabs. I like Pinterest, it’s soothing. Twitter is ok, and that’s only because people I don’t know personally aren’t my friends on there. Instagram is the same, soothing and people I don’t know follow me. Even though it’s only 30 people (p.s. follow me, it’s easy, just click the button).

With Facebook, it is impossible to be anonymous. Which is why mine is currently being permanently deleted. Not just deactivated, deleted. It is possible and takes about two weeks. I became weary of it during my first year in college and deactivated it then and never looked back. But, for some stupid unknown reason, I logged back in a few months ago. The stress alone of just looking through the feed was horrifying. I felt nauseous and was having horrible deja vu. Two very big signs I was about to have a bad day of absence seizures.


The thought of people I know knowing I was even logged in was making me sweat bullets. I am a natural introvert, always have been. I am the person who looks at their phone and is relieved when there aren’t any emails or texts or notifications of any kind. Which is another reason why this website is anonymous. I like having this outlet but not being outed. I am not ashamed of anything, just worried that something will go wrong at all times. My sense of doom button gets pushed a lot.

By far, WordPress has been the best. The kind comments I have received are encouraging and make me happy. You guys are great and just inspiring.

I am not sure what prompted me to bring this up and write about it, but I felt it needed to be said.  Also, I am still sick and taking lots of medicines that make me loopy (I’m looking at you codeine cough syrup).

Has anyone else felt this way or deleted their Facebook because of their seizures? I am really curious, let me know. You can comment, tweet, message me through Instagram, whatever you feel like is most comfortable for you.



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