Days Spent in a Haze

This is just kind of a check in, nonsense post with no real value.

I’m sure most of you reading this have dealt with hazy days caused by brain fog. It’s a hard thing to overcome. So when it happens I try not to fight it. It usually has its way with me no matter what I do.

I think I had a stressful weekend with long car rides and a lot of excitement that made me crash into this. It took me out of my usual routine, and took me out of today as well. I’ve spent most of my day in bed reading half-assed, and drifting off into my own thoughts with Netflix on in the background. I didn’t do my usual set a timer while I read thing this time, because I know that even if I did I wouldn’t really absorb any information.

Every part of my body just feels like it wants to fight me. My knees, ankles and toes are aching for no reason and I am having menstrual cramps about 10 days early. What the fuck.

What a wasted day.




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