Acne Update

I have an acne update for you. I added some new products into my regime and haven’t had a single pimple for two weeks running. For the full routine read this AED’s and Acne : The Ultimate Guide .

I replaced the retinol in the routine with manuka honey products and it took my skin to a whole new level. <- Lanoline Manuka Honey Night Recovery Creme with Lavender & Evening Primrose Oil . It is so soothing and I wake up with the softest, oil-free skin. <- My favorite! Lanoline Manuka Honey Skin Renew Firming Serum with Collagen & Vitamin C & E . I’ve also noticed a decrease in the fine lines around my eyes and mouth. It’s a bit sticky, but worth it. <- I used these once a day at night, for 20 days, I ordered this twice. Innisfree (an awesome K-beauty brand) It’s Real Manuka Honey Mask 10pcs. I feel like this process of 20 days straight of these really started the healing process.

Overall, these three products have smoothed my skin, kept it hydrated and are lightening my dark hyper-pigmentation from the acne scars and haven’t broken me out once. They work very well with my Paula’s Choice ‘clear’ extra strength kit Referral code for $10 off .

*Or go here for everything in one place!

I finally feel comfortable enough to take a selfie! My first ever, no lie.


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