It’s Been a Minute, Thanks, Anxiety (Life Update)

I haven’t posted in a bit because some things have been going on in my personal life and with my health.

First, I did an interview with PBS News Hour about the Affordable Care Act. And like I wrote in my post about it, it stressed me out. As an introvert, it was my nightmare, but overall went well and I was featured for less than a minute.

Then, CNN called.

My nerves really kicked in, and at first, I said no. My mother had already given an interview and I thought that would be enough. But, about a week and a half later I decided that while PBS did a nice story, it wasn’t the whole story. I psyched myself up and did a video interview with CNN.

I have no idea when this will air, and what it will turn out to be. But, I hope that it is a powerful enough story to help in some capacity. Who knows, it could just be a puff piece that gets aired for 2 min and that’s the end. After all, there is a lot of shit going on lately in the world that seems a lot more pressing to CNN.

Shortly after that, I got a rash on my neck that is still happening and some pretty obnoxious joint pain in my knees, ankles and toes. As well as weird swelling of my lips that also makes it looks like I am wearing lip liner. I saw my doctor on Thursday, got some blood work and a prescription for prednisone. Blood work was normal, but the prednisone has only handled about half of the rash on my neck. I have a feeling this is stress or an allergy or both. Even though, Benadryl doesn’t do much for the rash and lip problem either.

At the moment I feel absolutely drained despite the energy I am supposed to be getting from the steroids. Mid-terms are coming up, and I have two papers to write that have extremely boring (at least to me) subjects.  I am less than excited to get started on those, and I have some serious mapping to do on a windows computer I had to order for my class. I am a bit more excited for that, I am really getting into my GIST class. My professor in that class at least has a sense of humor and the labs have been legitimately interesting and informative.

The selfie I included is so you can put a face to the name and also because I had to take it anyway for CNN. I’ve realized that I need to stop shying away from social media and make it a bit more personal. Now my face is out there on twitter and Instagram for all to see.



So that’s whats been up, also here’s a neat picture I took in my Astronomy class last week.

The back left “rock” is a piece of a planets core similar to our own. I was so psyched and even got to hold it, very heavy by the way.






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