Headache Diaries

I think I can actually say my brain hurts. It’s tired, and misfiring a lot recently and the myoclonic jerking has officially taken the life of a remote control and strained my neck. So I’m going to start writing when these headaches hit me to create a little series. It’s because I’m on holiday break. I have nothing to focus on but some books and tv. I wrote a few articles to get things off my chest, it helped a little but I’ve run out of things to say to the people who are just idiots. It passed some time, but not enough.

Here’s what I have to look forward to in 2017:

  • Not caring anymore.
  • Learning Italian, hopefully. We’ll see, it’s a course that requires 5 days a week and a lot of talking and memorizing. Languages used to be my forté, now it’s all gone to shit thanks to epilepsy. But, I am required to take two semesters of a language. I took Japanese, Chinese and French and frickin’ excelled at it. But, my last attempt at Japanese was terrible. I had to be sent back to the 101 and couldn’t retain a damned thing.
  • Turning 26. Kicking and screaming.
  • Throwing up in a few new classrooms, thats always a Russian roulette type situation. Never know when it’s gonna happen, but it will. Thanks, epilepsy.
  • Star Trek Discovery TV series. I am pumped, but apprehensive.
  • My ultimate goal: finish the sci-fi book I’ve been writing. So, anyone with interesting alien stories, videos, etc please contact me. I need some more inspiration for a particular chapter. 

My head hurts, bye.



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