How To Properly Take Your AEDs


Yeah, there is an actual proper way to do this! Making just a few simple tweaks may improve the effectiveness of your meds and the quality of your life.

Before you go any further, please know that I am not a doctor. 

  • Ask your doctor when to take your meds and if there are any particular foods to avoid.
  • When you get the green light to start taking them, take them on time every single day as directed by your doctor. My schedule is 9am, 3pm 9pm. If I am even 30 minutes off, my entire day is whack.
  • Get a pill reminder app, a really annoying one. Trust me, once you stick to the schedule you won’t mind it as much. My app gives me a 15 minute warning and then warns me every two minutes past the time I was supposed to take it.
  • DO NOT take your vitamins at the same time, unless directed by your doctor. Always tell them what supplements you are on, no matter how benign they may seem. Some can interfere with the absorption of your meds. I take my vitamins about an hour after my first pill of the day. I take biotin with vitamin c and e along with slow release iron. But If I mix them with my klonopin at the same time, it just turns into one huge stomach ache.
  • DO NOT wash them down with coffee first thing. Drink water with your pills first before moving onto your daily cup of joe. Trust me. Caffeine and AEDs can be a mess. Also, it’s healthier to have warm water right when you wake up and can help to prevent those headaches we all know too well.
  • Eat well and eat frequently. Never let yourself get hangry (I just added that word to my computer’s dictionary, love it), and don’t forget to eat. Poor diet choices can seriously mess with you. It can be attributing to extra irritability, tremors, seizures, more auras etc.
  • SLEEP. There is a reason you are sleep deprived before an EEG, they want to trigger a seizure. Lack of sleep is dangerous in general, and for someone with epilepsy it’s the worst offender. So put down your phone at night, use a sleep timer on your TV and quit trolling the internet at 3am. Rest is important. Schedule your last pill of the day about an hour or two before you normally go to sleep, unless directed otherwise. When I take that last pill at 9pm, my body now knows to prepare to sleep. It makes it hard if I am planning to stay out late, but worth it during the rest of the time.
  • NEVER attempt to make adjustments to your own dosage without your doctors consent. Always talk to them first, withdrawals from improper tapering can be deadly. You can seriously fuck shit up.

I know it was a lot of what not to do and it probably means you have to eat healthier and go to bed on-time but I promise, it’s worth it. Give your body the proper nutrition it needs through whole foods (that means eating your salad, not taking it in pill form), drink plenty of water and stick to your routine.


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