Why I Got An IUD


I got my IUD placed in July of 2016. So, why not the pill, or Nuva Ring or that weird arm implant?


Hormones and epilepsy can be a mess if they are out of whack. But, an IUD has hormones (at least the one I have does). Not nearly as much as the pill, which sends a larger amount throughout your system. Not to mention the failure rate is unacceptable to me. The Nuva Ring, tried it and it actually over dosed me on the hormone that is in it. Yes, that is a possibility. The arm implant? Nope, still has to travel through your blood stream. Also, nobody has to cut into me for that!

An IUD disperses an incredibly small amount of hormones within your uterus, stopping all of those issues listed above. Don’t get me wrong, there are still hormones but they are where they need to be and not nearly as bad as the others. The IUD also causes your uterus to create a thicker cervical mucus (oh yeah, that sounds sexy) blocking the sperm. It’s like a two for one sale with an incredibly low failure rate and they last anywhere from 3-5 years. #win

The timing of my placement was in fear of being dropped from my insurance and to also prevent further growth of endometrial implants from my endometriosis following the surgery to remove them. Also,  I don’t want kids and I don’t want to have to worry about it. I have a good three years with this one, and I’m hoping in three years when it needs to be replaced my doctor will either allow me to “tie my tubes” or get another one placed( if my insurance then will allow it, who the hell knows what is going to happen in these next three years).

But, all in all, having this IUD is good for my epilepsy in the long run. Catamenial epilepsy is horrible, and I have noticed less and less seizures each period.

So, if you’re afraid of all of those things above (or some) I recommend you talk to your doctor about locking that baby box up.


2 thoughts on “Why I Got An IUD

  1. […] Right off the bat it wasn’t smooth sailing the for the first month because of the heavy bleeding and cramping the surgery causes. But, compared to the pain I had before the surgery it was tolerable and I could function. Which to me was a win. A few months after the surgery I chose to get an IUD placed because birth control can help prevent further implants from growing. Why I Got An IUD. […]


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