I’ve Been a Bit Busy

Spreading my newfound wings as a blogger that is. I’ve had the honor of being able to guest blog for a couple of sites.

I’m featured here on FEMpotential , an amazing site run by the lovelyamazingbrave (yes thats, a word) Alex Tremblador. This site is all about women helping women, and I love it. I recommend you hop on over there and follow their twitter @FEMpotential . Give them some support, the women on that site are inspirational and amazing. Girl Power!


I am also featured here on TelMeNow , another great site that faces the more clinical side of things. They have a section dedicated to epilepsy and even sell helpful devices. They also cover a wide array of other illnesses and diseases with both medical advice and personal stories. Here is their twitter @telmenow_UK.


There will be more to come, and I will be tweeting about it and posting all over instagram! So if you want to keep up to date ,give me a follow, click those buttons in the top right and that follow button for this site on the right.




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