Problems, Problems, Problems…

Life has just been one mess after another and another and another and another but I digress. I am speaking both about my personal health and all the way up to the shitty news and whats going on in this crazy world of ours.

I am going to take a page from queen Bey and say I’d rather be crazy. I’m just going to let the crazy flow because I don’t know how much I can take of all of this anymore. So please allow me to be dramatic once more. 

Problem number 1: Health insurance. This is a love hate situation for me. While I am grateful to have it, I also fucking hate it. I got a new one this past month and it requires referrals for everything. I understand that, but not when it comes to needing one for my neurologist that I have been a patient of for almost an entire year now. Why THE FUCK are you making me go out of my way, see a new primary (which by the way is hard enough), and get them to refer me in a specific way for something that I need and have been going to for almost a year.



Glad I got that off my chest. Not that it will fix anything. 

Problem number 2: Myoclonus. I have been experiencing a dramatic increase in tremors and jerking. I just slammed my elbow into the door frame about 15 minutes ago. Why my right arm decided to just elbow the frame I do not know, maybe a grudge? But the door frame won. Also my neck just decided to start turning itself in whatever direction it wants without my permission. WTF?


Problem number 3: Tremors, yeah I know I just mentioned them but let me tell you something, I am struggling to get a water bottle to my mouth and then proceed to not spill it all over my fine ass, dressed in my star trek shirt and comfy plaid PJ bottoms. This isn’t a woe is me moment this is a what the fuck moment.


Problem number 4: Adele. I am begging you, please come out with another album I need you.  I swear her music is the only thing that can get me through a hard day. I’ve had all of her albums on repeat all day. So hey, throw a single my way maybe? I don’t know why I am writing this as if she would read this. But hey, gotta put it out in the universe.

Also, I need this dress.

Problem number 5: I have a slight fever, and probably am not in the right state to be writing. But you know what IDGAF. I can’t speak, so I feel like I have to write it out. 

I look and feel this gross.

One good thing though, football season is officially over. Thank you universe, I will be grateful until the fall. I HATE FOOTBALL.



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