Health Update

Last weeks post was about my diagnosis of Essential Tremor, also depressing, sorry about that. Needless to say, it’s been rough. Not just on me, but on my family and boyfriend. The medication the neurologist gave me is extended release propranolol. It’s awful. I already have low blood pressure but this is rough. I have noticed a decrease in my hand tremors. My head still kind of shakes, but we will see within the next couple of weeks how this med will work out in the long-term. I am doing as the doctor suggested and crossing my fingers. Also, trying to bust out as much homework as possible because of some more issues I have been having. And I want as much of it done before the shit-storm that is my life starts interrupting my school life.

Now, onto the actual news. About 4 years ago I got my gallbladder removed. It was removed because of some thing called biliary dyskinesia, which means the bile wasn’t able to go through the valve/bile duct it needed to and was building up in the gallbladder and spilling out into my abdomen. It sucked. Now, here I am years later with a “complication”. What is happening is the bile duct, I guess (really don’t know how to explain this), is being rude and the bile is building up and leaking out, yet again. I am no expert in this and I could be completely wrong so when I get more details I will correct anything if needed. There was a suspicious urine/blood test, and upper abdominal pain that led to finding this. Also, extra nausea and the not so fun bowel issues.

How do they correct this? Another surgery. But first, more tests. What tests? I don’t know yet, but rest assured I will document it for you.

All of this is happening so fast, and I am literally sick and tired. Also, STRESSED AF.

Here are some problems I have been having:

  • I can’t paint my fucking nails, so they look like shit all of the time.
  • I am tired to the point of being out of breath after walking around the grocery store for 5 minutes. (thanks propranolol!)
  • Nausea 24/7.
  • Dull achy pain around my rib cage, and upper back. Touching it hurts, so hooray for bralettes.
  • It takes so much focus to handwrite something, it hurts. Dramatic, I know.
  • Napping, I hate it but I do it now. I can’t fight the sleep.
  • Appetite is low, which makes finishing meals is difficult.
  • Still dropping things, still breaking things, still a bitch.

Also, more posts I wrote will be going up on on February 28th and March 7th. If you haven’t been there already head over! It’s a great site.

I made these boards on MAVENX  because it’s like Pinterest but for shopping and not filled with terrible hacks made by lonely people. I made them because they have better links to the products I have recommended in the past to help with the acne that AEDs cause . I also have makeup recommendations to cover said acne and suggested books that aren’t depressing.



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