Why I Choose NPs over MDs

There are some good doctors out there, somewhere. Maybe. I have yet to find an MD that is truly great. My last neurologist was an NP, and she was fantastic. Unfortunately she left the practice and I got stuck with an MD to handle this mess. He’s decent, but still got that MD attitude that is unforgiving and annoyingly “casual” in the end. By that I mean, I always wind up with more questions than answers in the end.

My GP is a NP. (loving these acronyms?) She. Is. Wonderful.

In my many many many run ins with doctors, NPs, and even PAs I can tell the difference immediately. MDs generally walk through the door staring at your chart and don’t look at you until an exam needs to be done. PAs, about the same but are just exhausted and don’t seem too interested in you. Now, NPs, they walk in and look at you, say hello and will talk through everything with you. Also, they don’t ask leading questions like doctors do when they come to a conclusion in their head about a minute into the questions.

“Bedside manner” it’s a big deal to me. If I am going to be dealing with a frequent visits to doctors offices, I would rather see their nurse practitioner on staff than their leading MD or even DO. I get it, MDs are busy people but so are NPs.

The stick permanently stuck up the asses of MDs grates on my nerves. Which is why in the past I have talked about yelling at my doctors. They never seem to listen, and make assumptions about you before they know anything about you. I am a testy person, and I don’t like being given the up down by anyone, not even a prestigious doctor.

The point of this post – don’t take shit from doctors. Choose an NP as your general practitioner if you get the choice. And if you have to, tell that doctor to pull the stick out of their ass when you walk out the door. Just because they’re doctors does not mean in any way that they are better than you. If you’re lucky enough to have a great MD, hold on to them. If you’re looking, get an NP.


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