How To Handle Drug Induced Nausea

First, determine if it is in fact, drug induced. Think about anything new you may have eaten, or any added stress. If you think it may be food poisoning or stress, talk to your doctor. Obviously, speak with your doctor about your nausea and what you can and can’t have with your meds. I am not a doctor, these are just my personal suggestions and what has worked for me. Again, ask your doctor first.

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Now, if you’re like me and your medications/condition(s) cause nausea daily, not to the point of puking everyday but just enough to cause missing meals and adding extra exhaustion or making you stay home these tips are for you.

1. Ask your doctor for an anti-nausea med. Seems simple, but sometimes they won’t prescribe this. In my case, I built a tolerance to the common nausea medications prescribed and they just cause headaches and don’t help me anymore. This is ok if you are in an adjustment period with a new medication and you know it wont last.

2. When that fails you or if you don’t want another med, look to tea. Particularly ginger. Not only will this soothe your stomach and allow you to get down a meal it will keep you hydrated (dehydration can make nausea worse). I realize some of you are thinking, why not just plain old ginger ale? Well, soda isn’t the best thing for you (obviously) and even though it’s nice to have sometimes don’t use it as an anti-nausea crutch.

3. Going out? Toting around ginger tea is out of the question, let’s talk preventative. Ginger gum and/or hard candy. These exist and live in the drugstore. Ginger gum is my personal favorite, I chew this during an exam or while in the car on the way to something that I know I am going to be nauseous at. They are usually natural and the gum has very little sugar or extra additives.

4.  Nauzene, magical (but gross tasting) chewable tablets that help almost instantly. I turn to these when the nausea is at it’s peak. It’s the only OTC medication that I physically feel a difference with. By that I mean, that nagging feeling you get in your nose ( comment if you know what I am talking about) that signals nausea is relieved within a couple of minutes and your stomach is no longer trying to fight you. It lasts a good hour or two, and by then hopefully the nausea doesn’t come back. There are very strict restrictions on what you can take with these tablets so always make sure to check for interactions.

5. Peppermint. Not in gum form but in tea form, I say no gum because of all of the additives in regular peppermint gum that can cause diarrhea, you don’t want a Sean Spicer moment (he must have terrible diarrhea).



This is my tried and true trick: freeze extra concentrated peppermint tea into ice cubes. Add a few cubes to cool water and sip away. You can do this with the ginger tea but I find it doesn’t work as well as peppermint in this form. Again, it also keeps you hydrated. It’s great for the summer as well, you may get addicted to this. Plus you feel kind of fancy.

Last resort, if it’s too much to handle ask your doctor to change your meds.

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