Is this what a “quarter-life crisis” is? Ew.

Or is it just a long drawn out panic attack? I don’t know anymore.

In the past two weeks, I admit, I’ve had some tough things put on my shoulders and they have affected me. New diagnosis, new drugs, new pile of shit. And next week won’t be any better.

But, is that what is making me impulsively pre-order the newest Harry Potter themed makeup palette that won’t be shipped for 2-3 more months that I may not use at all, and buy mystery dresses on Modcloth? I just paid $20 for them to send me a dress not of my own choosing, I have no idea what I will get. Or make slightly insulting passive aggressive posts in my latest BS pre-req. class. And listen to fucking Sara Barellies?! WHO AM I!?

Also who started this quarter -life crisis crap? I know it wasn’t Blink-182, but they were right about how shitty being 23 was. Everybody goes through shit, I know. But fuck it all, this sucks.

So, someone tell me please, what is this really? I’m sure anyone older is thinking, bitch suck it up. And all I have to say in return is fuck off, you chose to read this word vomit, maybe you should think about your life choices today.

I’ve decided to just let it all roll, and get through it.

Also, NASA. When you use that word ‘habitable’ you should probably include your broad definition you use when making exciting annoucements about “earth-like” planets you’ve discovered. Earth like just means rocky at this point. Because when that James Webb telescope finally goes up and we point it at those 7 rocky planets around the teeny tiny sun 1/12th the size of ours Trappist-1, were gonna find that those planets are really frickin’ toxic. We know a little about their atmospheres, but no one really has descibed how deadly to humans they are. Yeah, maybe those microbes and Gary Busey that live in nuclear waste could survive there but no, not us. Please keep the focus on making Mars habitable ASAP because I am ready to get the hell out off here. My point, focus on Mars. Please.


Quarter-life crisis addressed -check

Told pleople to fuck off – check

Nerd rant  – check

Seems like a complete post to me, bye.


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