Lies About Introverts Revealed

People like to write about what introverts do. Usually they are lies written by an extrovert.

As an introvert, like an extreme one, I cherish being alone. And being alone, does not equate to being lazy. For some reason or another, that’s what clicks in people’s heads. When you say no to going out for an evening they assume you’re lazy.

Cute, but not reality.

We’re not curled up on their couches watching Netflix and wasting the day away, that’s usually a rare thing believe it or not. That’s what extroverted people do after a long week. Introverts are more productive than you think. They are probably creating something, being productive or working (alone).

It’s almost the same as when you close your eyes and imagine what a scientist looks like. I bet when you do that you picture an evil little cartoon in a lab coat holding a beaker with something bubbling in it. We all know that’s not what they look like or are doing. It’s a stupid stereotype. Just like the lazy introvert stereotype.

When I typed scientist into the search bar this was the top hit I got. I also searched for this AFTER writing the paragraph above.

I spend about 80% of my waking day writing (it’s my job), doing homework, research, writing some more, re-watching lectures(I’m a nerd), reading or going to class. ALONE. The other 20% is a nice evening spent with my boyfriend when he gets home, that’s where the relaxation time comes in.

There are SO MANY stupid posts about being an introvert that were written by extroverts. We can blame BuzzFeed for this stupidity mostly, and the way they go viral is insane. The people who write about what introverts just write about how they spend their own weekends, because they aren’t actually introverts. They are just regular people who choose to relax in a particular way that has now been branded “introverted”.

The only truth I have read about introverts is that after a social gathering of any kind, we need some time alone to unwind. That part is true, being social is exhausting. How I unwind from being around people is by being alone and doing something I enjoy like writing or reading or putting my mind to something to keep it distracted like homework. Not mindlessly streaming Netflix all day.

When I really have nothing to do, and I have finished whatever tasks I’ve set aside for myself to do I will write. Unless I am sick or not having a particularly “energetic” day, that’s when the laying down and relaxing comes in. It’s rare, even when I do feel like shit(which is most days for me), I will still write something. In most cases, introverts have a productive hobby. If you ask, maybe they will tell you about it.

Introverts are productive people who make a lot of shit happen for regular people day-to-day. We work hard in the background, happily unrecognized and ignored. Stop reading and believing these lies, no one actually knows what introverts do unless they tell you themselves. Be suspicious of those fun posts with lots of funny memes placed after every sentence in an article, they are lies.

So, to clear things up:

  • We’re probably more productive than most extroverts
  • We work hard
  • We usually have a lot of things to do that keep us busy
  • Being alone, not wanting to go out every weekend does not mean that we’re lazy, we just have better things to do

There you have it. Now stop helping BuzzFeed and other viral monsters generate more and more BS by re-posting shit you don’t understand or know. Read a book, write something, try being an introvert for a day. Experiment! You may like it, and learn something about yourself in the process.

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