College Burnout

Have you ever just stared at your list of shit to get done for the week and said, no. I just did that. I am officially burnt out. Just thinking about it is exhausting. I jumped back into college headfirst and I am on a roll. Or was, I feel like the roll is coming to a slow stop.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not stopping school. I am just questioning my choices in classes this semester. First of all, linguistics. Kudos to ANYONE who can tolerate that shit and get decent grades in it. You deserve a fucking olympic medal. At this point in my class I should be able to write and read in IPA (international phonetic alphabet) . Pft. No. Also, I had a late start class that just started and this teacher is weird, also it’s just another form of linguistics disguised as an english class (LIARS). I don’t care how animals communicate. NOT TODAY.


Second, art history of whatever. Just stop it with these classes. There is only so much I have to say about a god damned photograph.

Optics, I have the passion for it and like it but at the moment just thinking about converging, diverging and parallel beams of light makes me kind of want to vandalize a laser. Lemonade style.


So what did I do after looking at my list of shit to do. I went on eBay and bid on a vintage mini Chanel no.22 perfume bottle  from the ’20s. Why? I don’t actually know.

So, how am I going to combat this burn out? I have no idea, maybe I can drink it better? Is that a valid solution? Drink away the last two months.

No, otherwise I’ll wind up in a van down by the river. The only motivation I have is that if I pull a full time schedule of summer classes I can move on up to junior status. Which is promising, but scary. Do I really want to take 4 or 5 condensed courses all in a row for two months straight? It sounds like a nightmare, but with a decent reward at the end. Would it be worth it? What a stupid thing to complain about. Honestly.


I know you wanted another one.

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