My Day Explained In GIFs

waking up

waking up 2
Realize I don’t like being awake.
pill take
Gotta take my first pills of the day.
staring will ferral
Stare blankly at the bullshit on my computer screen. 
just do it
Give myself a pep talk. They can get intense. 


house typing
Try to get shit done, not happily. Making the most sarcastic/mean comments I can get away with while still meeting all requirements for assignments due. 
Daily bout of nausea happens. 
Try to write something of substance…


Judge my professors, got a new assignment. Really?  I was in the middle of trying to write. 
crazy pills
Pill time again!
Back to my bullshit homework.
giphy (1)
Question my life choices. 
Realize I’ve only had coffee all day. Oops. That explains the 20 minute breakdown earlier. 
more pills 3
Last pill’o’clock!



give up
Give up, I did as much as I could.


victory dance
Made it. Bed time.



One thought on “My Day Explained In GIFs

  1. I have all but cured my epilepsy Kate. What I discovered along the way made me angry for a while buit got over it now. Check out my fb page beatingepilepsy. There is another guy that has done this in the US, I believe you could do it too. I have had right temporal lobe epilepsy for 35 years but believe now that my head is slowly repairing itself. You might find it a bit of a shock though, I did. I’ve been booted off 2 epilepsy groups for telling people what I did. Have a great day.


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