The Best Pill Reminder App

It’s called Round, and it works. Also, # NotSpon #WishIWas

Check it out here ->

I currently am on 3 medications, and 2 vitamins that I need to remember to take 3 times a day. Here’s a peak at what it looks like.















First of all, from an aesthetic point, its calming and very pleasant to look at. Which for me is a plus, because I have to look at this everyday 3 times a day.



The setup is so simple. All you do is input the name, dosage and times. It even gives you very precise times down to the half hour.

If you need to be reminded 3 hours in advance it can do that, it can also just do the half hour which is what I have all of mine set to.  The second picture shows the months, as you can see in mine it’s all green which means I’ve been pretty great with taking my meds.

When it comes time to take it the circle will indicate what time it is, and the time you took it at. When you take your pill all you have to do is press the circle and it will turn green.

It’s so simple, and so easy to use. It also comes with a refill reminder, I don’t tend to use that because my pharmacy provides reminders for me.

If you’ve been struggling to take pills on time, try this out. We all know how important taking AEDs at the precise time is, just being an hour off can mess an entire day up. Also, birth control, if you’re on the pill this would be fantastic for you.

I’ve tried maybe 5 or 6 different apps, they all sucked. They were either too complicated or overly simple to the point where it didn’t input anymore info other than the name of the pill.

Round is free, easy to use and nifty to have on hand when you’re going to your doctor’s appointment and don’t feel like pulling out a piece of paper that gets lost in your wallet or bottom of your purse this app is everything.

This gets my stamp of approval. Try it out.













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