Happy Purple Day!

That’s all, enjoy!

Just kidding. Today is a big deal for the epilepsy communities all across the world. For months they have been working to make this day as meaningful and as impactful as possible.

So, I thought I would just share why the color for epilepsy is purple.

Why Purple? Epilepsy Society:

Purple Day is the international day for epilepsy and falls on 26 March each year. On Purple Day people come together to turn the world purple for epilepsy, by raising vital funds and awareness of the condition.

Purple Day was created in 2008 by Cassidy Megan, a young girl from Canada, who has epilepsy and wanted to get people talking about the condition. Cassidy not only wanted to raise awareness but also assure people with epilepsy that they are not alone. Over the past 8 years Purple Day has grown to be a global event and at Epilepsy Society we are proud to be an official Purple Day partner (opens in new window).

But, why purple? Cassidy chose the colour purple because lavender is recognised as the international flower of epilepsy.

Epilepsy is a difficult condition to live with. I hope that more people become aware of what epilepsy truly is, and how it affects the people who have it.


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