Headache Diaries: The Saga Continues

Things that gave me headaches this week:

  • My school, specifically financial aid.
  • Taxes, I have to do them but haven’t and I am an idiot.
  • My old doctors office (from last year on different insurance) lied and I now have a surprise bill from a collections office.

In summation, money is giving me headaches.

Lol, thought this would be classy because of the fancy banner image I made. WRONG. I have zero class and an affinity for GIFs. 

My biggest fear is that financial aid will deny me. I have a post coming out on FEMpotential.com on Monday about a private university I was in years ago that ate up almost all of my financial aid in one year. So keep your eye out for that story, it contains some stuff about me and my past I haven’t told you yet.  FYI, there is a maximum lifetime limit of what you can borrow through FAFSA.

Taxes are just a hassle, but SO SOSOSOSOSO necessary for those of us enrolled through the health insurance marketplace. So, I have to roll my sleeves up this coming week and bust them out.

Lastly, when I was on a different health insurance last year I had a different GP. Now, this office assured me (and my mom and my sister) that we were covered and while going we never had any issues. All of a sudden, out of the freakin’ blue, around 3-4 months ago they send us HUGE bills claiming that our insurance wasn’t accepted. Those dumb fuckers were putting in the wrong info from our cards, they were trying to bill an insurance company in RHODE ISLAND. We’re in Arizona by the way. We had called, and told them what happened and they said “Oh sorry, it’s ok. We will handle it.” By handle it did they mean send it to a law firm for collections?

middle finger.gif

I have never been so frickin’ wound up and worried all at once in one week. I am spent, literally and emotionally. My academic life may be in shambles, and I can’t do anything about it at the moment.


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