I Can’t Paint My Own Nails

It’s been around 4-5 months since I’ve been able to properly paint my own nails.


This will be a quick instalment of my Headache Diaries.

I’ve lost some independence and dealt with it in my own way and been fine. Worrying about venturing out alone, getting and taking my meds on time, always limiting my “fun” AKA alcohol intake are just a few things that limit me. But, not being able to pain my own damn nails is so upsetting. Now I am not that vain, I can deal without nail polish on my fingers most of the time. But, my toes. My ugly ass toes. I NEED to paint them to cover the ugly.

I don’t like other people touching my feet so going to a nail salon is out of the question.

My finer motor skills go out the door when I attempt any precision. Despite the propranolol helping to keep my tremor at bay, fine motor skills are still an issue.

The other problem is, I am a very clumsy person. I stub my toes so often it is second nature to just have broken toenails all of the time. I have always used polish to cover it up for the most part. Now I can’t, the ugly is there for all to see and I’ll be damned if I have to wear closed toes shoes all frickin’ summer here in AZ.

Next problem, I can’t file or clip them evenly. I can do it, it just turns out crooked and uneven. Especially my right foot, I have a slight tremor in that leg on occasion which is so irritating.

 I have witch toes now.


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