Dead Zone

My posts have been sparse recently. I have to two explanations for you.

  1. I have not been feeling well. I’ve got a whole new list of issues like pretty bad fatigue and joint pain all over (waiting for the doc to come back on that one).
  2. Nothing is inspiring me. I usually will get ideas for post twice a day or more! I think that feeling like crap has been holding me back.

I feel like I’ve hit a void and there is just nothing there. It’s like the void in Voyager (if you haven’t watched it, come on). I look at my screen and nothing wants to come out or even try. The most I’ve done is post WEGO Health Awards! It’s a Thing. and change the look of my site.

I am past the point of grasping at straws as far as ideas go and just closing my computer and reading old Norse mythology. For real, Viking poetry is holding my attention more than anything. It is the LAMEST thing. Although it is very interesting, no shade to Vikings, they got some neat stuff. Any history lovers?


Anyways, a lot of things in my life have changed and are still changing. When things settle down I will probably go back to my old weirdness and write some more for you.

For now, I have some shit to sort out. I hope I get out of this dead zone soon, because it’s depressing AF.


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