Medical Cannabis

I have written about my personal experience with medical marijuana in order to share my thoughts on it in the past on this blog. What I have yet to share are more resources and facts about medical cannabis/marijuana that some people may not know. I am going to take a more serious tone in this one because I believe this is an extremely important topic in our nation right now. The more we learn and teach ourselves about medical cannabis the faster this shroud of mystery can be lifted in our communities and the faster people who need this can be helped. Education is power.

There are a plethora of medical conditions it can be used to treat, epilepsy is a major one that usually makes headlines across the nation. Some states have complete cannabis access for any one of age while other state’s make it accessible if you are a card carrying member only. Some don’t have any legal accessibility at all.While the states are still figuring things out and evolving so is the science. Some medical major conditions cannabis is being used to treat include:

Epilepsy and other seizure disorders

Multiple Sclerosis

Parkinson’s disease

Nausea/Vomiting and loss of appetite (personally this is the major area it helped me in)

Substance abuse (it may be helpful to those affected by the opioid crisis)


I wanted to provide resources for you all to see, regardless of your state, something easy to reference and maybe give you a good start.

1.Start by looking at your local and state laws to see if it has been legalized.

2.Move on to places that list and cite medical evidence supported by studies.

3.Read unbiased reviews.

Whether you have easy access, a medical card, or wish to pursue a medical card, ask experts who work at cannabis dispensary facilities. They are like a pharmacist who specializes only in the healing power of cannabis. Their knowledge and recommendations will surprise you, throw that stereotype you have in your head out the window.

Let me know in the comments your state or country and what experience you have with medical cannabis.

DISCLAIMER : All Information Displayed In This Post Is For Educational Purposes Only, And Is Not To Be Construed As Medical Advice Or Treatment For Any Specific Person Or Condition. Cannabis Has Not Been Analyzed Or Approved By The FDA. Individual Results May Vary.


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