This is a site for me to share stories about my experiences with two asshole of an illnesses called epilepsy and essential tremor.

I have left temporal lobe epilepsy with essential tremor. I have absence seizures, phantosmia, myoclonic jerking and  a sense of humor along with a laundry list of other issues. These stories are meant to, first, entertain and secondly, provide some advice and warnings. I’ve been put through the ringer this past year and think that writing about it may help you, and maybe me a bit too.

I use bad language and humor to get through telling these stories. It’s ok to laugh at them, I want to make people laugh. I encourage you to reflect and hopefully have something not too depressing to read about epilepsy and essential tremor, because everything out there sucks. So take what you read with a grain of salt.

Also visit FEMpotential.com to see more of me if you would like, and read other amazing stories/blogs written by incredible women.

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