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I haven’t explained much when it came to starting my patreon and I feel now more than ever it is important to do this.

I have a hard time working a regular job because of my recent relapses with migraines, seizures and tremors. It’s been difficult, I lost a job that was great. Two reasons led me to leaving it. One, the feedback in the headsets were triggering more seizures. Two, I have very bad auditory processing due to prolonged seizure activity in my left temporal lobe (more on that in an upcoming article).And it just became more difficult to keep it up today. This patreon page is for those of you who would like more detailed content. It’s a community for you, the reader, to leave suggestions! Maybe even share your own thoughts and experiences. I started it while I was gaining some momentum which seems to have plateaued. If you are so compelled, any help you can provide will be so wonderful.

I am trying to become more independent, work from home and write full-time. This blog is my life and my passion, now more than ever. Patreon/donations can help me do this.

Keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming post about my neuropsychiatric evaluation, which had some unexpected results! I am working very hard on it and think that you guys will love it.

Stay happy and healthy!

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For those of you who don’t feel comfortable using, which is understandable after their recent pay debacle. The proceeds go towards this blog and all fees associated with keeping it running.



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